Saturday, October 1, 2011


 She’s done with her first set of songs. Some were amazed on her performance, though on the other side of the room- there were men yawning and would rather toast a glass of beer. The dimmed light bar became the refuge of  these young professionals puffing their cigarettes, as they talked about their stresses from work. There were some ladies randomly distributed on the room, divulging to each of their girlfriends how their lovers cheated on them.
Mia saw this everytime she looked at her audience. She’s not just only a singer- but an exceptional one. Her music fills the soul of her heartbroken, pressured and lost listeners. It somehow transported them into a reverie of bliss and solitude.
‘Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the New beginning band coming up with their 2nd set.’ The voice over announced.
The lights from the stage were turned on. The audience yelled and cheered for Mia and her band. Then, she started introducing her first song which is dedicated to all hopeless people from the room. The lead guitarist gave his cue, and Mia gave a beautiful rendition of a song wherein she remembered every precious memories she once had. Yes, once had. Her spectators felt it, thus she captured their hearts. Her hands and hips gracefully swayed, and the moving crowd were swaying and clapping for her. Melody dances in her being, spreading to each part of the room.
Then, she realized, how music gives a connection between her and her audience- and a bond between them and their souls.
Some men were interested to know her number. Heartbroken ladies somehow felt empowered. Her music is a wonderful escape.
But when her song stops- the world will still revolve and encountering daily problems will live by, though it doesn’t matter to her as long as she did her part in entertaining the world.

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