Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beauty of God's dreams

I picture myself as the years go by. What can I see? What are the dreams before that are unfolding in front of me? Not just in front of me-but around me. Maybe, I would have mixed emotions. I would want to hold of the hands of people who inspire me and tell them how grateful I am.

I don’t know yet that in such years that I keep on planting- harvesting time will happen. I don’t know however that dreams can save me- AND IT STARTS WITH MY POWERFUL BELIEFS ABOUT ‘I.’

How many times did I tell myself to WAIT? Yes, waiting for the right time that blessings will chase after me. Honestly, I love the fact that I’m planting, coz it flexes my muscles, it expands my horizon, and it even sharpen my skills.

I feel rejuvenated now. I mean is this the new life- He’s pertaining too? I’ve been bothered for few years- and now:

‘There's hope it doesn't cost a thing to smile.
You don't have to pay to laugh.
You better thank God for that.’ – Indie Arie

How would I write something that I could express the depth of my heart? Maybe, I could introduce myself as, ‘Hi, I’m Thina - God's daughter. I’m glad to be part of a great plan- YES, just a part, and all it asks of me is my involvement in building a better world. Obviously, the visionary leaders that we have are praying for people who would outstand, let loose their inner creativity and put in into action.

Fire in faith.
Right mentors.
Humble heart.
Supportive friends.
Talents and potentials.
Guts and glory.
Pain and sacrifice.
Great dreams.

I’ve been writing since I was a child. Most all the secrets of my heart are written on my diary. Then, I had 8 diaries and journals now. I decided to take Mass Communications- not because I want to become a writer, but actually a performer. Wow! Isn’t confusing? No. I believe that my core group is more on COMMUNICATIONS. I disregarded some of my other dreams before like becoming a lawyer or psychologist. Now, I'm committed on the original calling- WRITING. But when I’m not writing, I’m teaching and if not, I’m singing and if not, I’m connecting and talking or I’m reading. So, call me multi-talented? Yes, I am. And I’m thankful for that. God loves me that when he bestows such blessings- I was awake and embraced it.

And, I don’t want to waste it. I know, I’m walking and working it out. I trust my Lord in my heart as he whispers in my heart what I should do, what I should need.

Last Saturday- I went to Jesus encounter. I remembered accepting Him in the Youth camp, 5 years ago and I'm going to do it again. I know I lost His Spirit in the years in between- Spirit of worry, fear and laziness sometimes reigned in my heart. I have to regain what was lost.

During the conversion part, receiving of Holy Spirit and anointing of oil.
The room was filled with the Holy Spirit. I was melted. My knees were trembling. The poundings of my heart sound like a drum rolling. (I even wanted to say- give me more beat yoh!)

Jesus Christ embraced my heart tightly. He spoke into my heart as he said, ‘Your sacrifices are great. You suffer because of love- love for yourself, for your family, for your friends, for your community.’

'Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.' (John 15:13)

I cried in the depths of my heart. Offering all my sacrifices into His hands because I knew, he was there to redeem me.

The worship and prayer continued- Maybe a Godly and gifted painter can paint the beauty of the place. I remembered saying, ‘Use me as your will be done.’

I’m so grateful with the outcome of my surrendering, because He’s in me. Before, it’s easy to say 'Yes' to sin. But now, I declare that I’ll continue to 'sin no more.' 

His dream to see me accepting Him again, fin'lly came true. I'm like an empty vessel ready to be filled with His unfailing love and grace.

May all my dreams come true- this is also the prayer of every prayerful people in the Feast, including Bro. Bo Sanchez. I’m glad I’m serving in Media Ministry. I’m thankful for the inspiring people at The Feast. I’m happy because JESUS LIVES EVERYWHERE- waiting to be accepted and become a friend and brother.

He is all I need.

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