Monday, October 31, 2011


Crash! blag! rolling wheels, flashes of random memories, broken windows, screams outside, blood splurging, worst thing- death.

I died in a car crash, my driver's speed was 180kph. The moment I remember was I was outside my body. I saw my parents and friends screaming and coming to me as my body lied down on the ground. They embraced me, but I was embracing them and telling them, "I'm still here! Can you hear and feel me?" But they continued wailing. They said, "Why did you leave us? Hold on, please!" Those words smacked me down- how dare them say those words-when I can still see them? Their movement became blurred. I can sense myself losing control. Am I dreaming? I felt again, the pain especially when the broken window hit my head and my face- but now it's vanishing, I'm lost. I can see the tunnel, is this where the souls taken, especially when they die. Oh, I'm dead now. I don't want to enter it yet- still unaccomplished. I'll stay here. I'll stay until I'm ready to let go. Until, they're ready to let me go.

What the souls need are prayers. Prayers that can lead them into a peaceful paradise. Prayers that can unbind their chains into their earthly attachments. Let's pause for a moment and say a prayer or light a candle for the souls of our departed loved ones.

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