Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Princess in you

You meet him again and he said, “Hi!” You can’t help but wander how this simple word blew you away. Will you fall inlove again with him again? Or just let the course of the wind take you into a person whose really meant for you? But take note, he’s not doing anything nor showing his outright intention. He just said, "Hi!"

You gathered up your courage and said to yourself, “This time, I’ll be more careful. Don’t let the sweet words sway me in my own fairytale.”

And now, that you’re stronger and wiser- you can differentiate your yesteryears YOU.

 You know that your hair had grow longer, the sway of your hips had become refiner; Your words and thoughts had become more sensible. Mark of the age that you’ve grown up the way you’re plan to be. You return what was gone, such as your dignity and dreams. But hey! You paused for a moment,you’ve noticed that you’re still listening to the same songs you’re listening to when you’re still inlove with him. It just transports you into the world- that you could be with him again.

But the truth is you’ve gone a little far away from him. Expect some hang-ups to remain. Let time and experiences help you to vanish it. No need to put everything into your hand. Maybe, God is done with sophisticating your physical aspect- because it’s one at a time. He asked you to remain physically beautiful. Because that’s what you’re made- to be beautiful. Check your hair, your posture, your walk, and your smile-breathe and say, "I'm beautiful."

As you stroll along the road of free will-after your physical changes, the hardest part to alter is your emotions. Because, you can’t see it- only God does. It’s just that you feel it and name it sometimes. Emotions returns you into your old ways, into an old you-your comfort zone. Your hair can be easily comb, but your tangled emotions need more care and attention. Your posture can be straigthened, but your road leading to a total freedom will need you to take turns into different seasons. Your words can be adjust into “I’m ok.” But you’re your heart will say, “I’m not over him yet.” Your smile can be misleading, because you're still in pain.

But that’s how moving on works. You have to feel the worst feelings you don’t want to feel. You want to be refined, right? The most expensive diamond went into heating and fire.

Let it be. Don’t be scared with the process. Let God hold your crown in the end, and put into into your head- as you hold the faith of your triumph.

But you have to be in the now. Do the basic things that makes you alive.

He told you to take it easy. It takes an obedient heart to do it. He’s glad because you said, ‘Yes.” When you’re asked to leave him. And be God's princess, first.:)

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