Friday, October 14, 2011

Little girl at the limelight

Stage is made for something great. I mean all the performers, speakers and any honorable people would step on it and it wil be their ground as they show their crafts to the audience.

What about if you’d see a child there, will it also bring you awe?

Last Sunday, The Feast entered into a new series which named ‘Happytudes.’ After Bro. Bo’s talk, people from the stage threw the balls in various colors with a different blessings (love, compassion,success,joy,etc.) written on it to the attendees and servants. Some people were rushing in front because those are ‘implied’ blessings, and I hurriedly catch it, too.

When I stepped nearby the stage, I saw one cute girl sitting on the stage with other kids and holding 6 spheres of blessings. She was so na├»ve and innocent that she was even giving hers to people in front of her. (I was even tempted to ask her one, even if I already got two- greedy me!hehe) In just a snap- hers was gone. She wasn’t holding anything else except for a sense of wonder, ‘Where are my spheres?’

I pitied her so what I did was I got and carried her from the stage. I was glad that she let me  cradle her a little, then I put her down on the floor. Another boy passed by and I assumed that it was her brother because he gave her one ball for getting two.

It was delightful to observe. Because the girl painted a grin on her face. I can’t help to share that cute story even after the session to those who’d listen.

I was reminded that when you give away something precious, the return will be something great,too.

For the little girl who loss her 6 blessings, she still gained 1 abundant love from his big brother and that will make sense once they grow up.;)

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