Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drawing contest of Awesome kids

Feast PICC held a drawing contest yesterday for kids, teens and adults, with a theme: 'Nativity in my heart.' As a part of registration, I was excited to those who participated on that contest. During the registration, every kids were geared up with their drawing materials such as oil pastel, crayola, pencils, pentel pen,etc. There were few who forgot it, but nonetheless, other participants were able to lend it to them. I saw how these kids looked calm along with their parents. We're giving them a little instructions on the do's and don'ts. Some children were telling me that it was their first time to do it so, so apparently it gave me a sense of wonder, 'Maybe this kid would give all his/her best. God bless to him/her.' Then registration was closed at exactly 11am, Bro. Mark finally gave the drawing mechanics and they were given an ample 2 hours time to showcase their masterpiece. Actually the kids were divided into 2 rooms depending on their ages.
I was sometimes going to each of the rooms and as I was observing them, they were truly focus on their craft. I was glad to see how unique these children were. Some were advance when it comes to using a certain technique of drawing. Some were indeed a beginner but eager to unleash his/her creativity. Bro. Mark was excited on the coloring part as he gasped. I for one was excited, too.

On the otherhand, I went to another room to observe other kids as well. Oh my, they were so little but their imagination were big. They weren't aware yet on how their drawings can bless the people who could see it. They were letting their hands give life to the paper, and upon seeing it. I imagined how God draw us into his mind until his mighty hands created us.

Joy was simply the term to describe the children's room as some kids started to put the magnificent colors, funky designs, and heartwarming taglines on their one's lifeless oslo paper. And we waited for minutes, until one kid was finished and the other kids would follow. After that, we'd look upon their drawings and we'd congratulate and give them 'kudos' for a job well done. The media team was so accommodating too that the kids felt that they were indeed appreciated. Afterwards, Bro. Dave would take a picture of this kid along with his drawing. Then, we went to another room to exhibit first their outstanding work.

Some kids weren't done yet with their work, so other kids who were done went first with their parents or with their friends to play along or maybe to have fun in telling their wonderful experience. As the other kids were busy, the media team was also actively sharing the future and possibilities that the kids might have. Like some may become a painter, others might become an advertiser, some might become a world's renowned 'cartoonist.' Like what Sis. Apple have said,' At a young and tender age, they've started to use the 10 hour rule.'

This might be a tiresome day, but I was glad to be a part of this wonderful event. Hopefully, their drawings would be an inspiration of what Christmas will be, because the one who made it was truly the one who understands the real meaning of it.

May God bless us all.=)

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