Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On learnings

As I've reading alot of articles, prompts, stories,etc on the net or even the book. I have to manipulate the dictionary, my reasoning, my streams of consciousness, and sometimes my humor. I basically need it, because if not I'll be drawn with a lot of words and I'll be attached with it. But words are very enchanting especially if it's combined and it could produce a wonderful write up..

Though, I know that there are risks such us:

1. Knowing that there's someone better at me in explaining, describing and reasoning.
2. Recognizing that the world is a very big, there are a lot of things to write about.
3. Unhurriedly wanting to publish everything even if it could pre-occupy my mind.

And as a result.....the hell I care? I still write anything I want. It doesn't matter if it won't be known by a large number of people yet. I've been wanting to be known- well who doesn't want to be somebody? I think it's healthy self-love to be ambitious. I'll take the risks. Alot of it. I'll make more mistakes. I'll learn more. I'll grow more. These writings will be known.

Learnings are never ending. There are circling loops, smooth road, humpy route, long travel and STRONG HEART.

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