Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soap bubble

I've noticed a very tiny small bubble bath after taking a bath. As my eyes get magnetized on it, I was wishing it won't be gone easily. So I let it rise and fall. I know it would roam around the bathroom. I enjoyed looking on it as it went to the dipper, my clothes, the faucet. But I was also conscious on the reality that it would dissolve or vanish once it hits the wall or anything that's well built.

As the gravity allows it to do whatever it wants to do.
I was aware of the time that I absorbed myself in observing it.
I knew that the time wasn't wasted because I did it for curiosity.
I love the moment of getting lost in watching unto something ordinary yet lovely.

And my fear with a little acceptance came into reality.
The bubble bumped into the wall.

It was gone.

And I know it won't return anymore. I have to let it pass and watch another beautiful bubbles waking up my senses.

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