Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ma!

Last June 12, Sunday was my mom’s 48th birthday. Supposedly, I would write for her prior to her birthday, but I’ve been busy and pre-occupied with so many things. So I postpone in doing so. Now, I have to do this. Not out of pressure but out of outpouring love for her.

My mom is not a super mushy mom, she’s actually a little bit stubborn and sometimes strict mom. She was used to shout to us when things aren’t done immediately. She wakes up very early in the morning because her body clock works that way. When she’s already awake, she’d do her best not to make us awake, because we normally wake up late-there may be times when she’d wanted us to wake up early so she’ll make annoying sounds in doing so.

There are so many funny things about her: She can be very, very cool especially when I’ll seek her attention and we’ll sing together. Eventhough she doesn’t know the song that I’m singing, she’ll still listen and sing with me(mind you her lyrics are most of the time wrong.haha)
Next, when I’m going to share about my day to her. She’ll sometimes listen and along the way she’ll make gossip about special people of her life and sometimes even the non-sense things. She’s also thoughtful because she’d rather let us eat first before her.
She ‘s also reminding us to still use ‘po’ and ‘opo’ once we talk to old people.
She prompt us to pray to the Lord earnestly especially when problem strikes and when blessings rain in our family.
She taught us to love old singers, vintage things and old-fashion way of living.
When we’re having a problem and we’re confuse about the world we live in. we seek her advise and she will always tell us to not to follow the wrong things she’d done with her life.

I saw her eyes light up still when I talk about how beautiful she is, she’d just slightly upward her shoulder and looks at me amazingly and she’’ll say” ‘Of course!’
I love her curly short hair like a flower and her light brown eyes deep like an ocean.

She also loves poor people. She’s actually a giver to them. She’s a good listener and she knows how to connect with people around her. She loves my friends and she sometimes love them more than me..haha

There maybe times of misunderstanding and I’ll show her my stubborn side but in the end of the day. We forgive and forget. We let go and move on, because she loves me more than I love her.

Those are the small things that I appreciate more about her. And last Sunday, everything worked on perfectly for her birthday. It was a simple celebration among us (me, Pao and close friends). After attending The Feast, she got a free ride, treat and movie ticket. She received love, hugs, kisses and smiles. She’s the most special woman on that day, and for almost 12 hours she kept quiet and accepting the gifts of the world to her. I won’t forget that very simple day.:)

She was very happy and seeing her happy multiplies my happiness too.:)))

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Mariela! You’re simply the best.:)

 Pao and Mama

Pao, Yani and me

Pao, mama, Yani, Mean and me

Pao, mama, Yani, Mean and Anthony

Happy 100th year bday also, NESTLE!
You completed the celebration.=)

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