Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mean World

I’m definitely aware that a world can be sometimes cruel to you. But believing on the Law of attraction is the best method to still look at the world @ its brightest hue. Planting good and noble thoughts can alter the world surrounding you.

Anyway, I have a list here of my petpeeves. Actually, I consider myself as a nice person. But mind you sometimes being nice can be maltreated too. So I decided to list here IMPORTANT REMINDER FOR MYSELF.

Things that can offend me:
1.     Neglecting me.
2.     Telling me these words: “I’m no good.”
3.     Looking at me as if I pissed her/his day.
4.     Keeps on comparing and comparing.
5.     Leave me hanging.

Things to do when I get offended:
1.     Say it to the person who offended me, especially if she/he is a friend.
2.     Ask what’s the problem?
3.     If the offenders keep on doing it, Keep the distance.
4.     If I’m not hypersensitive @ the moment. FORGIVE IMMEDIATELY.
5.     Displease without being displeasing. (as MK said)
6.     Count the blessings. Remain POSITIVE. =)


  1. Things to do when I get offended POINT #5: Did i really say that? cool :) (im very forgetful)

  2. ahaha..Almost the same..Yours is like disagree without being disagreeable..