Monday, May 16, 2011

My 7th birthday

7 years is a perfect year. Well it comes from a biblical teaching about the seven days of CREATION.
But when my 7th birthday came,typhoon Rosing hit Manila. I was watching the raging wind
made the roof outside thrown and flown away. There was no electricity all over our
 place,the only light that illuminated our house was my big 7 candle.

 It was a perfect DISASTER as I was thinking wayback then.

I even went outside to buy my cake with my mom and I remember holding
her and asking her to hug me because it was really cold outside.
When I went home, my legs was muddy and I had to clean it inside
the washroom. Then my aunt asked me to prepare myself because we had to
eat and celebrate(?)then. I
 remembered singing a less enthusiastic "Happy birthday" song. I blew my candle's light, so apparently we have to light up a real candle to enlighten our house.
I ate my cake with an uncomfortable feeling. I can't remember if I cried. But I was aware that I was sad. My family was there but I can't invite any other friends.

That's how it was, gloomy, of course. But who hadn't share any sad moments? I'm sure. Everyone does. And this is mine.:(