Thursday, May 26, 2011

Empty vessel

Forest are said to be a sanctuary of wild animals, chirping crickets, idle grasses and empty vessel. Yes, empty vessel. For a hundreds of years, this mysterious vessel was hidden and seated in the heart of this abandoned forest. Travelers from different races and nations desire this vessel. It is said to heal sickness, regenerate youth, and defense against enemies.

An old soldier with a white beard and thick moustache wearing his red and blue dirty uniform gasped this alas’, 

“Aha!” “I could fin’lly ventured this place alone. I could have it now.”

His wrinkled face equates to the number of years of service in a far-away kingdom. He rarely thinks of himself for he decided to offer it to his masters. One gloomy day, he felt a need to have his own family. For living in solitude life in his age meant survival for another lonely battle. So he sufficed his need through being a father to the kingdom’s servant’s daughter. Along taking care of her, suddenly everyone in the kingdom find out that she was sick. So as the lonely and worried soldier and keeping the story of an empty vessel as his mighty sword, went along the trip alone.
Meanwhile, a deep sigh was also given by a muddy with ruthless faced, middle-aged pirate. He was traveling on the sea all his life. His sturdy walk depicted a sign of fierceness he had. But it’s only seen in the outside, for he had an inner turmoil about his long suffering heart ailment.

In the heart of the forest was a glowing and golden empty vessel.. Surrounding it were the travelers who died upon grasping it. Some died out of tiresome. Some died  amidst the fight over the vicious creatures living there.

When the pirate saw the vessel, he run directly to it and his eyes feasted on its superficial beauty. He came first though along the way his sickness assailed, yet he ignored it and continued walking.
“Aaahh.. pain won’t cease me in getting this.” said the pirate to himself. His sweats were like pearls on his forehead. He was catching his breath. His palms were cold and a little shaking.

Then, the old soldier entered the place, face to face he saw the pirate with his suffering looked. There was an air of stinginess between these two eager men. There was a need to compete over the vessel. One man with a big fist and great stamina could win. Ironically, both of them are physically weak at the moment. But the truth was the vessel’s strength comes from a person’s faith.

Who would get healed? Was it the soldier’s servant’s daughter or the pirate’s sickness?

As they looked at the vessel, all the fierceness and eagerness to get their selfish ambitions melt down. It has a power to soften a heart of stone, to cleanse a malicious mind, to empty a heart of worries, lust and envy.  

The two men’s defenses were surrendered. No more swords, conflicts. Because the vessel absorbed everything until it became one in gold, glow and power.

A mystique smoke came out from the vessel and surrounded both of their worries. It washed away all of it. The secret was faith and humility. After the peculiar fortunate happened the soldier went home with faith that the servant’s daughter will get healed. While the pirate’s spirit was awed with the divine happenings in his heart and mind.

Both are saved.
Both are secured.
Both are one with the empty vessel.

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