Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Letter to God

Thanks for creating the world, people and me. I’m grateful for I am alive.

You know what Lord, I’m happy being healthy, simple and normal. But I also appreciate when I become complex.

I’m accepting that LIFE MOVES IN A CIRCULAR MOTION. And on the process I get to know myself more, including my strengths and weaknesses. For each path I take means I’m stepping into unknown- well who doesn’t? I guess those who had chosen to stay on their safe zone.
I always said to myself that I don’t want to stay solely on my familiar world. I also want to that brave zone. I slowly take risks and challenges that I may see another ANGLE of the world.

Long angle means Omnipotence, just like you, Lord. How cool is that when I see a wider view of your creation.

Medium shot entails seeing a little closer any subject whether a person or surroundings.

Close up shot intends to look closely a person’s face or object’s beauty.

Extreme close-up means to glance beyond a human eye can initially see. (This is just an exaggeration)

Lord, I always admire photographers’ skill in taking photos for they capture your world. But still nothing can beat the eyes and soul that have seen YOUR PROWESS and MAGESTY.

Thank you very much, Lord.:)

I’m still dreaming I could capture the beauty of this cherry blossom soon.:)


  1. cherry blossom... wow... want to go to japan too..

  2. This is amazing.. I love it! :)

    I want to go to Japan too! But that would be to check out the anime stores and paraphernalia's there! :P

  3. @ Apple: I certainly know that you would do it. Ok, let's save money to get there. Weeee!!!~~~