Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Potato salad

“Is grandma there on the living room?” asked the small sister to her big sister.

“I think she’s upstairs now and taking a rest.” hushed the big sister.

“Come on now.” said the small sister eagerly.
“Ok. But don’t be loud, so they won’t hear us.” answered the big sister.

Together they went down silently and vigilantly looking at their living room. They saw the clock’s time and it’s already 9:30 in the evening. Everyone in their big house was upstairs. Their grandma was taking a good rest and their maids were gossiping on their rooms. Then the 2 sisters reached the refrigerator. The big sister opened it while signaling her small sister to keep quiet. Then she opened the crisper, lo and behold, she found the potato salad there. Surely, the two sisters craved for it. But their selfish maids would keep it from them and only their Filipino-Spanish grandma could eat it. With the feasting eyes, the two sisters get few from the bottle the potato salad and put it on their small plastic ware plate. As they started to eat it, they were so hurried to do so. They were like hungry prisoners secretly eating their food.

 “Bang!” They heard it from the door upstairs.

 Hence, they doubled time in eating it, sometimes without chewing and just swallowing it. Then they hurriedly closed the bottle’s cover and immediately returned it to the crisper. They didn’t even drink their water as they heard the footsteps from above. They just even put the small plastic ware plate under the table.

The 2 sisters looked at each other; together they blurted “The heck!”

That’s it! Their grandma slowly went down the stairs and she saw her granddaughters outright, sitting on the kitchen’s table, painted a faint grin to each other. When she finally landed on the floor, she looked at them confusingly and straightforwardly asked, “Have you eaten already? The 2 nervous sisters who were left unmoved and speechless on their seats were wondering if they were caught; Suddenly the big sister saved the courage to answer, “Ah. Not yet grandma. We’re just talking here before getting asleep.” While she was answering it, her grandma opened the fridge’s door and crisper then grabbed the bottled potato salad.

The small sister bit her lips while the big sister observed their grandma’s movement.

Alas’ grandma invited, “Come on, let’s eat!”

           Upon hearing it, the 2 overwhelmed sisters get 3 small plates from their dishwasher and placed it on the table. Then grandma opened the bottled potato salad and all it’s freshness oxidized as they served each other the salad.

           They happily eat together which they rarely did before. It may look a small dinner, but in their hearts it was a great one. They sometimes have chitchat, the big sister was telling her antic jokes and the small sister’s giggle made their grandma realized what she missed out. Without noticing the time spent, the potato salad was already on their stomach, but the memory would last forever.

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