Thursday, January 12, 2012

Binondo, rejuvenates emotions

Binondo is a Chinatown here in the Philippines. Remember the song from Hotdog, "Manila" and its line: hinahanap hanap kita Manila, mga ingay mong kay sarap sa tenga, mga jeepney mong nagliliparan, mga babae mong nag-gagandahan (particularly in Tondo)? That place can send you into a trance of nostalgia. Wow, how stunning Manila is. Ok, reality bites, in some parts and that includes Binondo, of course.

Another thing, I remember being there 2 years ago to experience the Chinese New year festivity, it was unforgettable, nevertheless rambling there without any purpose can be thrilling too. My officemate, who's Half-Filipino and Chinese (she's the one who kept on sending these photos) told us that we need to have at least 1,000p-1,500p to have a tour around Binondo. Maybe, it's time to do so- ok, this will be part of my 2012 plan, either travelling there alone or with my buddies. Let's see. :)

Kiampong and fishball soup

Dumplings in dong bei dumpling house

The woman makes a dumpling dough

Café mezzanine

Gecko heals ones asthma

Binondo church

Tableau factory

*Google photos

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