Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bookay ukay

I was inspired by my friend's post about Bookay ukay, a booksale somewhere in 55 Maginhawa street, UP Village. Just a walk away from Quezon city circle and a tricycle away across. We tagged along there to look for cheap books or magazines, expecting how it'll look like. It's a small space and artsy bookstore, wherein you can find 2nd hand books/magazines, record tapes and even new books.

After my eyes unflinchingly scrutinize the place, I realized that I'm already sluggish prior to attending a recreational activity in Quezon city circle. Thanks to their friendly sofa for knowing their customer's need and I decided to chill out with their reggae, opm, r'n'b and boyband songs for few minutes.

Go forth & dig in your preferred book/s

abstract, comic photos and map inspired on their wall

Since, my sister and friends starting digging the books and showing me how cool the book they're holding. Ok, enough for being lazy- I got up and started to search for Dr. Seuss' books. Unfortunately, waley- nowhere to find! arrghh.

can't remember why I'm crazily chuckling here

holding a 2nd choice book

I ended up purchasing nothing, nonetheless I enjoyed as my eyes indulged from the books there and the place itself. They have a facebook fanpage, wherein you could check out their available books.

Thank you, Bookay-ukay, because they may inspire other enterpreneurs to create this kind of business. Why not expand in Manila? Ahh, it'll be risky because they'll be competing from Recto's book owner.

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