Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kung hei fat choi

We went to Binondo last Monday in accordance to the Chinese lunar new year. Woah, I told you  last time that I went here before and the volume of people who attended last Monday doubled from 2010.

I was with the same folks along with Mama and Pao for 3 consecutive days. That's what this long weekend means to me-- tingling feet and hyperactiveness. Let me enumerate the places we've been to.

1. Sta. Cruz Parish church

It's a huge church across the Escolta street. In front of it is a fountain, which turns to be a resting haven for people who's gone in celebrating the festivity.

The fountain
2.  Ongpin

What to expect? a large crowd coming back and forth. I'm already geared up. Dragon dances with fire crackers shakening the pavement. Sellers pitching about the lucky charms along the way, which I bought one. Big arks telling about their beliefs. Tikoy (gummy cake) with different colors lined up on a table. Circled fruits, oranges from Sagada which awed me. really? it's a long travel. Searching for the Taoist temples along with apartments, business establishments and restaurants. Mash feet with people because of parades and photographers gorging their cameras to capture beautiful moments.

 The crowd

Dragon dance

Family fortune? might be.

incence's well

The wanderer

Tradition: make 3 bows then blow a wish

Dragon's fire

Side car driver with his 25th Chihuahua 

 Me with a 3 year old Fil-Chi girl

I still feel like I'm a tourist in my own country. Visiting Chinatown send me into a portal of rich and vital culture. Chinese people already brought their preserved culture and traditions in this hamlet.

It was a superb experience. I'm proud to be Pinay after knowing how we embrace other's culture and at the same time maintaining ours.  

3. Binondo church

This enormous, made of stones with stained glasses portraits of stations of the cross served us our resting vicinity, though there's an ongoing mass. Afterwards, we went out to look for a restaurant.

4. Maki's place

It's a small Chinese restaurant with a cool ambience and recommendable for dining in too. The food's price is cheap yet "sulit" (they'll meet your taste expectation).

 Yang chow rice

Sweet and sour fish fillet

Chicken with mushroom sauce 

Go on and a pay visit to our motherland's beautiful places. It will deepen your love for your country.

Lovely night along the Lawton bridge

Photos by  Dave and Michael


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  2. Ui, mbelleza! Thanks for dropping by. Nice photos too.:)