Thursday, January 5, 2012

Don’t write while riding on a jeep!

Don’t write while riding on a jeep!

Actually, this is untrue. You can write in your mind, anywhere your mind goes.

Some of my best writings occur in my workstation, after reading a good book or watching a movie, while washing the dishes and out walking too.

I’m often stopping on a routine to make notes in my little notebook, or sometimes in my cellphone. But hey, when you always update your micro-blogs such as twitter and facebook status, it’s also advantageous.

Thinking about writing *is* writing too! There maybe rare moments when I get lazy to write, but the call to write is sometimes strong that I either pursue or ignore it.

Writing while having a conversation can also happen, although it requires you to be an “acute listener.” That phenomenon happened when I was actually got interested to listen to somebody’s story.

The key there is to keep writing- even one line sentence or long stories and letters.  Let your writing be read and relished.

*Thanks, Sark for a shared creativity.

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