Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elements of style's reminder

It is an old observation that the best writers sometimes disregard the rules of rhetoric.
When they do so, however, the reader will usually find in the sentence some compensating
merit, attained at the cost of the violation. Unless he is certain of doing as well,
he will probably do best to follow the rules. After he has learned, by their guidance, to
write plain English adequate for everyday uses, let him look, for the secrets of style, to
the study of the masters of literature.

- Elements of style by William Strunk and E. B White


  1. Cool! Thanks for the reminder sis! Keep it up! You're blog is always so inspiring to read!

  2. Welcome, Apps! How are you na?

  3. I'm good. Still trying to force myself to write again. I've become stagnant these past few days. :P

  4. Take your time and squeeze in, my dear.;) Missin your posts.:p

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