Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First fellowship for this year

Last January 21, we were at Quezon city circle for Tita Chay's post birthday celebration/ first Media team's fellowship and exploring The Feast's history. I was happy to know that we have a wonderful leader and mentor. Aside from that every photographers, writers, PR specialist, special project team and artists truly rock as they shared their view about this year plans.

The park explicitly showing us its beauty through the playground and fun activities there. While the sun touched our skin, we still had a lunch picnic under the big tree.  

Birthday song for Tita Chay

Birthday cake

I recommend this place for you. This is perfect venue for playing charades while laughing with family or friends, storytelling and listening to your mothergoose, intensive planning, practicing for any perfomances, and educational activities. After a having a bunchful lunch, Ate Kimmy, provided us a brown paper, colors and pencils unleashing our creativity through drawing our dreams for this year.

Once I hold  any colors, I'll be unstoppable in using it.

Everyone participated well, and excited to showcase their dreamboard manifesting in the future.

Proudly presents my masterpiece! :)

Afterwards, we roam around the place and we met this hunk- sadly we didn't get his name.

Isn't he cool with his shades?
(wishing Jewel was here)

kudos big kiddos!

Of course, we returned to a serious planning for our assembly this February. That place was good for refreshment and to make your creative juices work spontaneously. Nature, you're a big help!

Time's up! Time for recreation again: charades

me and my sweetie ate Kimmy

Kuya A surprised us!
 (indeed, love is in the air~~)
Media Team
(wishing we're complete)

On that day, I've learned that it only takes an initiative to plan plus other's cooperation to experience a blast. Thank you for saying "yes" to that invitation and have fun!:D

Photos by Cris and Shem

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