Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hap chan restaurant (Chinese new year's eve)

 When the blessings rain upon, we're on-guard. After The Feast's service, we hanged out with Uncle John and Aunt Meda in Hap Chan, Harbor Square.

As my sister's childlike and funny remark, "Totoo palang may Chinese new year! (Chinese New year is real!)" when Uncle John and Aunt Meda surprisingly treated us in a Chinese restaurant. Unfamiliar with this couple, I love Chinese cuisine and tea.

while waiting for our food, have some tea first.

Ready to pig out?

Fish fillet's verdict: ★★★★★

Brocolli's verdict: ★★★★★

Their serving, depending on your appetite is worth the pay. Their waiter is accomodating, diligent and enthusiastic in serving, especially Mr. J ( I won't put his name here.) The place was designed with big Chinese lanterns. They're even readying their Chinese dragon dance, save it for the 6 o'clock customers.

Thanks to this sweet couple!

Photo from the uber diligent waiter

Before leaving Hap Chan, we talked to its owner and he assimilated us with new knowledge about Chinese's traditions upon celebrating the Lunar new year. Shem who's so inquisitive, throws her questions spontaneously to Mr. Chan (my fault for not asking his name) that made us delighted to listen.

These may be lucky in the year of dragon

Chicken, fish and pork are their offering to their God

Another lucky offering

The more leaves surrounding the pineapple, the more prosperity comes along.

Good thing, there were no new customers getting inside. They might think, we're having a field trip. ;)

Photos by Shem and Mr. J

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