Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Vision

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Am I watching too much movies about travelling?

Take it from Julia Robert’s character as Elizabeth Gilbert in an interesting movie, “Eat, pray and Love” wherein she travelled across the countries that start with “I” like Italy to eat the best pizza, Indonesia to take yoga classes to find her spirituality and finally in India, to find her true love. How about the controversial film, The curious case of Benjamin Button which we can anticipate a short and quick preview when he spend his latter middle life (in accordance to his reverse time and life cycle) in travelling to different countries? And some films that alike.

Those are two of the movies that prompt me to dream about travelling plus watching travel local or international travel shows. Yes, even sleeping late at night in watching, Borntobewild with my sister, who’s an avid viewer of that show. Never to mention, my adventurous friends, who are fond of mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

Last Monday, I watched I-witness which is hosted by Sandra Aguinaldo and she documented her first time backpacking know-how across the Indo-China. I realized that travelling is a privilege for some, but for me, not yet. It’ll take time; but I won’t stop dreaming about the temples in Thailand, cheerful portraits of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and the alluring Angkor Wat from Cambodia. Yes, these 3 developing countries are inviting a lot of tourists to sweetly savor their cuisines, genuine people and rich culture. Like Philippines, they also deserved to be explored. These 3 countries’ boundaries meant a great photo op and a prevailing experience with an affordablebudget ! :)

I assure myself now to visit them someday. And I’ll go back happily to this post via linking this and as I publish “Mission accomplished!”

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