Monday, January 16, 2012

Weddings and beyond fair

complimentary ticket      

Last Sunday, after attending The Feast, our Ministry photographer, Cris Legaspi was expecting us to visit her booth from the this weddingfair in PICC forum. Cris gave us a complimentary ticket, which really excites me to see the first, the biggest and the grandest weddings and debut expo for this year. It’s not that I’m excited to get married, but come on; this will be helpful to those who have a wedding plans. When we got inside, the first thing that caught my attention was the voice of an acoustic singer and guess what? It’s from the band, Pillowcase. I’ve heard them perform before and they’re still good. The second thing was the cherry blossom ark that you’ll pass through.

I’ve read that there were 300 suppliers and I actually got a bulk of flyers and letters from them. Prior to visiting Cris’ booth- my eyes feasts from the pre-nup/nuptial packages, cakes, photobooth, gowns, rings, bouquets and catering.

I’m glad that they’re giving away white bag perk, handy for carrying such hassling flyers.
The most fun part was when the photographer named Joseph Claravall talked to us about the free photobooth, which is an Eiffel tower inspired and gave us his pitch about the Unique selling point (USP) of their event coordination. Sounds, impressive huh! You can visit his site here.

Never forget the pastries and cakes free taste! Harharhar!!! : D

                              Proud owner, Cris!       FH flyer flies       Funky FH booth

Finally, we went to Cris’ flickerhappy booth and among all the booths around the fair (coined me as bias, I-won’t-mind!) their booth looks so modern, lively, artsy, down-to-earth yet sophisticated, funky and cool!!!:D (woah-so many adjectives to describe it!) We also met her tandem, M, who looks simple yet rock! She has good news to us, they booked a sensible client.

No, doubt-- check out their photos here.

Before ending our capriciousness inside, she ritually took a mug shot of us. Talk about bonding with friends and mama!:)
 mug shot


  1. dongsaeng,the pics are really nice..sana may friend photographer din ako ahaha! next time let's visit other fairs din =)
    -from u know who ;o)

  2. Thins, sana may batch two! I wanted to attend a party-related expo;-)

  3. @ Dongsaeng: I'll just text you if meron uli.

    @ Meanne: Don't worry, Cris will update me again when. Then, I'll tell you.:)

  4. This is such a creative idea for arranging wedding fair. It reminded me an event I attended couple of months ago. It was my friend’s wedding which was arranged at one of most beautiful Los angeles wedding venues. We really had wonderful time there.