Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nothing is impossible (recalling 2011)

Inspired by Meanne'sAra's and Belle's post.

God had made me a conqueror for the things that happened to me last year. When He said conqueror- it’s a strong belief that I can surpass and do all things through Him who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Ok, this would be a long post but promise; it’s only summary/highlights of the beautiful, including the painful experiences that happened to me last 2011.

January – I had 2 week Holiday vacation here, so I spent time with my family.
I remember that I most of the time see my Dream team friends this month, mini get together, birthday celebration and ADU Mass Comm reunion. And then I also made a mini surprise for my best buddy, MK, here in the office, in which she loved indeed. Wow- thus I can say that I’ve been a good daughter, sister and friend that month. :)

February – Ok, I usually celebrate this with my family and friends. Hahaha. I made a lot of cutie letters and cards that month. I also got excited for the Panagbenga trip, I missed long travels, though I met emotional hurdles before going there, but certainly surpass it.  I also learned Tithing from The Feast.

March- I fell inlove with the movie Tangled and its OSTs. I recalled all the sweet things that happened in me. But somehow, struggled financially from sustaining all my family’s expenses, then I lost weight. That’s also the time that I started finding for some rackets and one of the breakthroughs is that when I finally published my first article at The Feast Bulletin here.

April- This month is the start of posting and sharing my previous short stories to the virtual world. It actually helped me to be more observant of my surroundings and to give details to my new narratives. I also experienced emotional rollercoaster from work and personal life, but again- I survived! J It’s also my first year of attending/serving at the Feast. Had a team building in Phillip’s sanctuary, Antipolo. Most of all, it's my first time to meet Jav! J

May- I believe that this month garnered the most number of posts for this year. This only mean that I’m uber diligent, creative and inspired this month or I only have few classes, ah yeah, I got it- I only have few classes because of my students’ summer vacation. I finished watching my 2 fave Korean dramas- My girlfriend is a gumiho and Secret garden and appreciate Korean myths more. I also remembered showing my mom 2 of my narratives and that’s the first time she gave me her, “kudos!” See me now, unstoppable in creating stories. I also met a new family, friends at the Feast.

June- Having a new bobbed haircut. Attending different activities from my ministry. Celebrating my mom’s birthday with Pao, Yani, Meanne and Ant while watching Nestle’s 100 year Kasambuhay-habambuhay film anthology’s Tingala sa baba and inspired me more to create children’s stories. Missing my grandparents terribly. L

July- Woah! This month is one of the most unforgettable. 3 of my closest friends from the office left. Organizing a retro party and wearing a cool afro wig! Hahaha. Full of nostalgia, some failures, discussion, letting go and most of all restoration and new beginnings. First anniversary of Media Ministry. Success of Takbo para sa puso for Zairra Engracia. Serving side by side with my sister, Pao. She’s the BEST!:)

August- Got excited to go to a snowy place (just in my dream). Meeting Meanne’s new blog. Hesitating at first to go on a party but decided to do so and enjoying the night out with new friends and Feasters. More on dancing and sweating out for 4 hours and enjoying the music from 60’s-contemporary. Meeting a blind child and realizing that I’m blessed to be physically able. Inspiring my officemates to blog. Published my 2nd article  dandelion at the Feast Bulletin,  received good feedbacks and some friends asked for an autograph- isn’t amazing? Most importantly I also transferred into a bigger house.

September- I got to meet different heroes everywhere. Getting closer and madly inlove with the Lord and His surprises. Appreciating animals and wild more and made stories about them. New team excites and challenges me-including the mentoring!:)

October- Experiencing Jesus encounter. Completing my Caring group’s session. Attending a Journalism seminar. Gathering ideas for our Luau party, Jav’s christening, seeing Dreamteam again, almost complete- missing others. Randolf and Belle attended The Feast for the first time. Surrendering my attachments to all my dreams into God’s version of my dreams. Gaining weight.

November- Loving the vanilla scent. Receiving Birthday Gifts. Letters. Messages, friendship, hugs, underground and alternatives artists, family, serving at the Kerygma conference, Bro. Bo’s appreciation message, photoshoot with Dreamteam by Mads, More tears, shaking and spiritually challenged. Lights at the Ayala triangle (Panjak! panjak! –Korean for twinkling! twinkling!) So many serendipitous events. This is my MONTH! :D

December- The month where I often hear the words, “I love you. Thank you. And Forgive me.” not just only for me but for others too. Finding out that the 5 stars hotel in Manila and Makati serves a 60p blueberry pastry that led me to spend time with my sister and friends at the seaside for photoshoots, fun and loving our innerchild. Cool music videos with Dreamteam. Swimming at the cold pool; Creating a birthdayblog for my bestfriend whom I admire sooo much. Buying gifts for the people so dear tome. Buying children’s books and sharing it. Bringing Jewel in MOA and carrying this extremely heavy dog. Loving my sister's passion and resourcefulness and mom's care. Hearing my mom said that she’s proud of me and my sister and telling to others those things that we accomplished.

Last day of the year: Receiving an expert advise from a relationship coach and even complimented me to share my story because it'll give benefits to many women.
Finding out that I have 3 homes now: OFFICE, PICC and PANDACAN- maybe I have to enlarge it more. ;)

I wrote every dream that I have in my journal last year. Some had happened and some were unaccomplished yet. So, 2012 is another year to nearly complete my purpose- glad to be ALIVE! :D

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